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Why Aloha Nani Church?

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We appreciate the body of Christ at Aloha Nani. Our children have wonderful aunties and uncles and friends their age. We are challenged to spiritual growth through Christian fellowship in small groups. 

Robert & Jen are teachers at Hanalani Schools, in Mililani. You can view the website here



After moving to Hawaii, we wanted to find a community that were seeking to be faithful to God’s Word, and would encourage us to do the same; a community that we could serve in and be a part of; a community that could hurt with us and help us during life’s hardships we were going through. We found that at Aloha Nani. We immediately felt welcomed and were able to find ways to plug in and serve.


Melissa has hosted several of the ladies Bible studies, and plays the piano for the worship team. Christian has preached a few Sundays and helps with the children’s ministry. Our desire is to love God wholeheartedly, and to grow with this church in serving God and reaching others for His Kingdom.

Christian is also a local artist. Check out their amazing website and insta below

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There is nothing quite like

being with people who love Jesus,

comfortable, easy laughter, 

a natural extension of friendship…


..a friendship

tested by trials,

established through tears,

enabled by encouragement,

secured in trustworthiness,


…a friendship

sharing like-minded direction,

rejoicing in a common hope,

investing in prayer,

praying in faith,

dependent in forgiveness,

believing in Love.

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