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Parenting Course

by Pastor Paul Tripp

Many moms and dads are exhausted, discouraged and frustrated, but pastor and father-of-four Paul Tripp is filled with hope about parenting. Discover why when you stream his newest four-session conference and learn the principles to raise children God's way - including how to navigate the specific challenges of raising teens and pre-teens in a world gone sexually insane.


"Whilst the current stats are concerning and all the more reason to support, protect and pray for married couples with children, we acknowledge that in this broken world, families come in all different shapes and sizes and that God can bless those whose journeys haven't been so straightforward but are surrendered to Him [Pastor Jamie himself comes from a broken home]. We do though, want to passionately and gracefully teach that the biological father & mother married and together are God's best for the raising of children in the home and society as shown in these sociological stats." 

Did you know?

"...children who grow up in families with both their biological parents in a low-conflict marriage are better off in a number of ways than children who grow up in a single, step or cohabiting parent households."

“...most scholars now agree that children raised by two biological parents in a stable marriage do better than children in other family forms across a wide range of outcomes.”  

"...children who do not live with both biological parents were roughly twice as likely to be poor, to have birth outside of marriage, to have behavioral and psychological problems, and to not graduate from high school."

Palm Trees

Presented by Pastor Jamie & Amy, with input from others.

Jamie & Amy have 5 homeschooled kids and have been parents for 15 years. Whilst not claiming to have it all together, they are hoping that their experience of highs and lows, together with their firm belief that in the Bible we find our greatest resource for parenting, will be an encouragement and strengthening for others. Having done this course before, they are excited to pass it on to other parents, teachers or those who have a ministry towards children. Get signed up today!

In this course we will cover

Admission is free and will include breakfast, materials and toddler childcare. Venue TBC.


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