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Our family found out we were moving to Oahu on military orders two years ago. A primary concern of ours was the reception into a new church family. We were leaving behind a church at which we had gained many lasting and fruitful friendships. We were set on reviewing several churches before deciding which would be our home. Our criteria for finding a new church was primarily to find one that centered its teachings around the Gospel of Christ and was consumed with the desire to reach the local community with the gospel. As a secondary qualifier, we were praying that our new church would have regular members that were easy to meet and engage with. We wanted to find a church with genuine people that clearly loved others through investment of time and resources. Finally, we desired a church that had room for participation in ministry and eagerly encouraged regular involvement from its congregation.

Aloha Nani was the first church we tried and we stopped looking immediately. We checked all our boxes at the first gathering. This church is sharply focused on the gospel and deeply desires to make disciples of all members in order to lead the community to Christ. It is clear that the members of this church care about each other and about anyone that walks through the doors. Our transition to a new church was seamless and we are exceedingly grateful to God that He led us to this Church on our first week. We are now involved in the worship team and take time every week to fellowship with one another.


Even though we are separated by an ocean from our family, we have really made a family in Christ with the members of Aloha Nani.

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