Aloha Nani is a church where anyone can be transformed by the love of Jesus. We are a multicultural Christian congregation located near Honolulu, Hawaii.


Hawaiian for "Beautiful Love"

We are a church: a community of people God has chosen and preserved for Himself, who love, follow, learn from, and worship God together. God has sent us to share His message of the "Beautiful Love" of Jesus. The Gospel, or the good news, is the message of the Bible that God is redeeming His fallen, sinful creation through the coming of His kingdom in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

We believe that by bringing the good, beautiful, life-changing message of God's love to the people of Hawaii, we can effectively reach our culture, our country, and our world. Serving in Hawaii also provides us with a unique opportunity to love and serve the next generation of Hawaiians.

Simply put: we are a loving church that brings the loving message of a loving God to a lost world.


Pastor Mike Bui

Aloha Nani Church launched its first morning service in October 2014 with Mike and 15 other adults. A phrase Pastor Mike uses quite often around Aloha Nani is, "It's okay to not be okay, but it's not okay to stay there." It is Pastor Mike's vision to lead a church where people can come and just be real about where they are in life. He believes it is when people can come to a church and be real about things that God can then do awesome things in their lives.

Mike is married to his wife Amanda, and together they have three beautiful children: Madison, Jeremiah, and Jackson. Before starting Aloha Nani, Mike served as the assistant pastor in a large church in Honolulu for 5 years. Mike is known for his enthusiasm, passionate Bible teaching, and genuine love for people.


He would love the opportunity to meet you, and be a help to you in any way he can.